Swamp Milkweed

Facts and Range of the Swamp Milkweed Plant

Range of the swamp milkweed plant

The swamp milkweed is a common variety and as you can see in the image above it grows natively throughout most of the US. Image courtesy of usda.gov

Swamp milkweed

A pink flowered swamp milkweed plant. This particular specimen was found in MD, USA. Licensed under CC 3.0 by: Fritzflohrreynolds

 Asclepias incarnata

also known as: swamp milkweed, swamp silkweed, rose milkweed, or white Indian hemp is a species native to North America. The swamp milkweed grows in damp to quite wet soil. It is commonly grown as a garden plant for its bright flowers, which are known to feed and attract various types of butterflies. Like most other milkweed types, it has a toxic sap that naturally repels most types of insects and other animals.

The swamp milkweed blooms in early to mid summer and produces white, pink, purple or mauve flowers. It grows in moist to wet soils and is commonly found on the edges of lakes and ponds. It prefers full sun or partial shade.