Where To Buy Milkweed Seeds

If you are interested in buying and planting milkweed, we have compiled a list of trusted places for you to consider. Whether you want to help out the disappearing monarch butterfly, or just attract all types of butterflies into your yard, planting these seeds will help you.

There are a lot of different types of milkweed plants, actually over 140 different varieties! So try to choose a type native to your area for the best results.

List of Places to Buy Milkweed Seeds Online

  • Amazon.com has most varieties of milkweed that you could want. There are a lot of trusted sellers and you should be able to find a species of plant that will satisfy your needs. Click the link below to shop for milkweed seeds on Amazon.

Buy Milkweed Seeds Here From Amazon

    • Ebay.com – Ebay has several sellers of milkweed seeds. There is no doubt you can find some seeds that are native to your area.

Buy milkweed seeds here on Ebay.com

  • Xerces.org – This society has a milkweed seed finder search. It has a massive database that includes tons of varieties of milkweed seeds. You can narrow down your search by location and the exact species of milkweed plant you are looking for. Visit http://www.xerces.org/milkweed-seed-finder/ to find the seeds you are looking for.

There are a lot of places to buy milkweed seeds all over the internet. This is just a small list that could help you narrow down your search.